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Neo-Soul Keys® Version 1.2 adding AudioBus and Virtual MIDI Support

Gospel Musicians releases Neo-Soul Keys version 1.2 for the iPad and it features AudioBus, Virtual MIDI, and other improvements.

New Features:
• Audiobus support.
• MIDI channels filter for each EP
• Virtual MIDI support.
• Latency can be adjusted for each synth.
• Option to enable or disable background audio
• The samples for the Stage EP synth have been improved.
• Improved realism of release decay.
• In-App purchases can now be made without leaving the synth.
• Option to disable mechanical effects to reduce CPU load.
• New mechanical release equation to decay over time.
• New Barks in phase with Sustain to eliminate phasing.

Bug Fixes:
• The app doesn’t become muted when another audio app is open.
• Interruptions handled more robustly.
• MIDI dump contains more information for troubleshooting.
• The effects algorithms are more efficient and takes up less CPU.
• Fixed bugs with MIDI Learn and made it more efficient.
• When activating preset, the window now closes automatically

Video Links:

Neo-Soul Keys version 1.2 is available in the Apple App store now.

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