Neo-Soul Keys® Studio 2 is the next evolution in electric piano sounds and effects from Gospel Musicians, which features a complete architecture overhaul using our Pure Synth® structure and licensed VKFX effects. Our goal with version 2 was to make an all encompassing electric piano and effects library that will complete all of your electric piano sound and digital effects needs. Don’t think of Neo-Soul Keys® Studio 2 as just a sample library only. Is is actually a complete EP Library and effects plugin featuring not only Overloud’s VKFX library and factory presets, but 17 brand new effects that seamless integrates together with complete effects preset recall from within the library and plugin. 

Main Highlights


The world renowned VKFX effects suite, which is known for some of the best keyboard effects, come as a separate VST/AU/AAX to be used in your DAW. The GM effects come as an add-on purchase for Neo-Soul Keys® customers or purchase the entire GM Effects Suite as a separate purchase. 

  • 20 New Effects
  • Imported all factory VKFX Effects
  • Able to read VKFX presets
  • Ability to load and save presets from within the actual plugin, so you can choose a sound and a quick effect preset for easy sound creation. 
  • FX presets are shared with standalone plugin and piano library
  • Two new algorithmic reverbs and lush impulse reverb with tons of halls, rooms, and spaces, instead of just a Spring Reverb
  • New Combo Amp effect
  • New Stereo Spread effects
  • New Sub Harmonic effect
  • New Detuning effect
  • New highly customizable rotary effect
  • 11-Band EQ per sound
  • New SVF filter per voice and full filter envelopes for sounds 1-2 for amazing expression

Favorite Features