External SSD Streaming

Stream Samples from external SSD drive using iPadOS™. We have added the ability to connect an external SSD (only) drive to the USB-C or even Lightening port in order to stream the samples from external drive. No more worries about bogging down your device with a ton of heavy samples. Now you can store those samples externally and stream the samples from your supported external SSD drive. 

iOS Features

  • 25 GB (8.0 GB Lossless) Sample Library
  • Standalone App
  • AUv3 with Scalable GUI
  • IAA
  • Ability to download specific sounds to save space
  • Easy Preset Saving
  • Hi-Res Retina Graphics
  • Fast loading and CPU Optimization
  • RAM optimizations for AUv3
  • External SSD Support iPadOS Only