High Quality EPs

Nu Suitcase EP

We sampled a brand new well manicured Mark I Suitcase. We sampled the stereo DI, speakers, and ambient Harp for an absolute perfect Suitcase sound

A perfectly well-kept 88-Suitcase with very distinctive and unique tine-bell attacks. It has a beautifully dark tone and has a one-of-a-kind barking bell tone that can be gritty and pretty at the same time 

Suitcase 88

Nu Stage EP

Freshly serviced Mark I Stage EP that has a very creamy tone. Play it gently and listen to those amazing tines

Dilluh Stage

This Hip-Hop version is reminiscent of the famous J-Dilla beats, with all of it’s musical quarks, and neo-soul bite. It’s great for hip-hop jazz, and Roots-type beats

Mark V Stage

The Mark V EP is one of the rarest EPs. Most people don’t realize how amazing this EP sounds. It literally sounds like “chocolate.” It has a deep rich tone that sounds great for padding and talk music. 

Mark III Tines

This is for the tine lover in you. It is a “tricked” out Mark I designed to bring out the sound of those beautiful bell-ish tines. Play it light and soft and enjoy the bells.

Clean Wurly

The cleanest and warmest Wurly you will find. Our goal was to create the perfect Wurly that sounds like butter and we think we did it very well. 

CP70 Piano

Not to be confused with the CP80, the CP70 has one of the most distinct and rarest tones. Most people are not even aware of this, but this is the piano that the artist D’Angelo plays live. Our version is very rich and sounds more like an acoustic piano, of which a correctly sampled CP70 is suppose to sound. We sampled the DI, amp, and XY-Mic and you can easily mix and match most versions. We would consider this tone one of our flagship tones as this recording came out gorgeous.